I am a twenty five year old artist, writer, madwoman, cosmonaught, professional dinosaur rider and sooth sayer. I am currently working manual labor in order to feed myself. I have a fine art and creative writing degree and went back to school for a little bit for archaeological stuffs. Then I moved to the North west and lost control of my life in the most boring un-directional way possible. Screams into the sun, shape shifts into a celestial fish then performs mundane adult tasks.

This used to be a pretty pretentious aesthetic blog. I sort of just do whatever now and reblog a lot. I forget to tag, because I hate tags, but it's mostly fashion, masks, animals, pretty colors, kadues, World building inspiration, art and illustrations, ethnographic photographs, and oddities. With a smattering of nerdery, I wouldn't say I'm actually a part of any fandoms except peripherally.

If you are here wondering why I unfollowed you...learn to draw personal value from other sources. I say this with kindness and only a little bit if snark. You'll be waaay happier, trust me.
P.s. it was probably the porn.

My digital art and commission info can be found here: http://mostlymadness.tumblr.com/

Thanks for liking the things I like <3